A survey might just be able to help you get a better deal on your property. 76 per cent of those relying on only a Mortgage Valuation, when questioned, agreed that a more comprehensive survey could potentially allow you to negotiate a better deal with the seller.

In difficult economic times like this it makes sense to ensure you are getting the best possible value when purchasing a property. No one wants to find a nasty surprise down the line, or pay over the odds for a property that needs lots of work. A survey not only gives you a price valuation, but also a detailed report of the state of the property. Armed with this information you are in a much stronger position to decide whether to proceed with the purchase, or negotiate a better deal. David Dalby, RICS Residential Director 2010.

The RICS have set out the top 10 inappropriate works commonly carried out on traditional buildings. See Top 10 Crimes against Period Homes

There are three main types of survey and valuation. We can carry out any of these:

RICS Home buyer Reports, a RICS Survey Level 2 inspection

David Rawlins is licensed by the RICS to undertake Homebuyer survey reports undertaken in compliance with RICS specifications.

More information on Home Buyer Reports

Building Survey, a RICS Survey Level 3 Inspection

David Rawlins specialises in Listed and other Period Houses, but also undertakes inspections of more modern buildings. Such report is a holistic study of the home and offers advice as to the most appropriate methods of repair considering the age of the building and the materials with which it was built. Advice is offered on any legal implications of ownership. This is a detailed visual report on the building requiring significant knowledge of the materials used in construction and how they perform, as well as an understanding of how recent repairs & modern materials may impact. Tests of services can be arranged if required.

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Residential Valuations

David Rawlins DipBldgCons FRICS IHBC is a RICS Registered Valuer, with over 35 years undertaking mortgage valuations for lenders and residential valuations for many other purposes directly for private clients.

More information on Residential Valuations

Historic Buildings Consultancy

We specialise in Building Conservation and therefore also undertake Single Defect Reports, such as on Damp and Heritage Assessments. You can see examples of Building Defects where advice has been provided here. Advice is given with regard to the CAUSE of problems found before advising how to deal with the SYPMPTOMS.

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Charters-Reid Surveyors now offer a 5% discount on proof of Blue Light Card. This cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Charters-Reid Surveyors now offer a 5% discount on proof of Blue Light Card. This cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.